US Operations

Electrical & Instrumentation


Omega Technical Services - US Operations

Omega’s US Operations provide electrical and instrumentation services to the midstream and downstream markets.


Since the start of operations, Omega has secured a broad range of agreements with large scale operators throughout several regions. As our geographical footprint expands, we have the ability to support and grow our network of clients wherever our services are needed most.

Clients rely on Omega to tackle a variety of projects – small or large – and we’re set up to handle any job required to help keep our clients’ operations moving. We take pride in delivering quality and cost-effective services no matter the size and scale of the project whether a small tubing job, full plant turnaround support or a new facility project. We deliver.

Quality inspection is critical to ensure proper construction of the facility has been completed to minimize risk to safety, start-up and facility production. The professionals at Omega are detailed in their diligence to ensure your facility is constructed with the highest quality in mind.