The Core of Our Business Model



At all our global locations, commissioning services sits at the core of our business model, but we understand how clients require cost-effective solutions for efficient project delivery. We are a commissioning service company, from commissioning managers to technicians and everything in between.


Omega is experienced in project delivery and understands that your projects may require more than just commissioning services.  Following are some of the highlights in partnering with Omega:

  • A leadership team with a deep understanding is commissioning through all phases of a project
  • Experience in all types of upstream, midstream and downstream facilities
  • Project “know-how” to fully develop a first-class Commissioning Readiness program
  • A network of commissioning professionals with a commitment to delivering unsurpassed services
  • The flexibility to adapt to unexpected hurdles during project execution

Our teams of commissioning professionals can deliver unsurpassed services regardless of the type of facility.

  • Commissioning readiness
    • Execution schedules
    • Cost estimates
    • Commissioning procedures
    • Spares and consumables procurement
    • Specialty equipment
    • Preservation readiness, management and execution
  • Commissioning execution
  • Systems completions setup and management
  • Mechanical completion inspections and coordination
  • System handover