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We’re committed to safety as our top priority.

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Project Services with No Boundaries

At Omega Technical Services, our goal is to simply deliver the highest level of quality technical services to our clients. Our service offerings cover inspections, construction and commissioning through highly experienced personnel who know safety, cost and schedule are critical for project delivery.


Our management team has been delivering these services for over 30 years in the industry. The experience and expertise that Omega provides will help minimize risks and increase efficiencies to transform what is on paper to reality in the most safe and efficient manner. Whether your project is a small brownfield modification, an existing facility or a large mega-project, our team of professionals can deliver the first time.

From the US to Aberdeen, to Singapore, or United Arab Emirates, our services have no boundaries. Our regions of services are strategically positioned to support your endeavors on a global scale.

Regional Services: US, Korea, Aberdeen, Abu Dhabi, Singapore, Trinidad, Guyana and Mexico.

At Omega, our services and experience are more than just showing up on the job – it's a promise to excellence, safety, performance and responsibility of delivering a quality service to our clients through active involvement, listening to our clients' needs and understanding their concerns.

Global Locations


Areas of Operation

US Operations Electrical & Instrumentation Services

Omega’s US Operations provide electrical and instrumentation services to the midstream and downstream markets. Clients rely on Omega to tackle a variety of projects – small or large – and we’re set up to handle any job required to help keep our clients’ operations moving. Read more

International Operations Engineering, Construction, Commissioning and More

Commissioning services sits at the core of our business model, but we understand how clients require cost-effective solutions for project delivery. Therefore, Omega successfully delivers a wide range of comprehensive services for our global customers. Explore

A Company Culture ROOTED IN SAFETY

Safety starts on Day 1 and continues each and every day of the project.